Maintaining Comfortable Temperature in Your Sunroom Throughout the Year

Sunrooms are meant to be the most comfortable and luxurious rooms in your house. They are those house additions that are made to bring relaxation into your life. Therefore, comfort should be the pre-requite to getting sunroom installations in Pleasanton, CA.

Keeping your sunroom warm in winter

To keep your sunroom warm in winter is easy due to the constant sunlight you’ll be getting. Your room will be heated with natural light, but you have to do something to insulate the exterior walls to keep the heat in. You can do the following things to keep your room warm.

·    Coving the windows with insulated drapes will keep the exterior windows from letting heat escape your sunroom, keeping it toasty for a longer time.

·    Adding a dark tint to the windows will trap the radiant heat.

·    Use caulk or other weather-stripping materials from allowing any free space between the window frame and glass, keeping the heat in.

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Keeping your sunroom cool in summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your sunroom due to the abundance of sunlight you’ll be getting. However, peeking it comfortably cool might be a little tricky when you don’t have control over the summer heat. Below are some things you can do to keep your sunroom at comfortable temperatures amidst the summer heat.

·    Increase the airflow in your room by either opening the windows or doors. This will allow comfortable ventilation, which will keep your sunroom from boiling.

·    Install blinds on the windows to get warm but not allow direct sunlight into the room.


Whether you use your sunroom regularly or occasionally, it is important to insulate and weather-regulate it. If your sunroom is not at the perfect temperature, you will not be able to enjoy it to its fullest. With only a few steps, you can have the most comfortable room in your house in the guise of your sunroom.