How To Repel Mosquitos Naturally

Sometimes it seems like you can’t have any fun because the pesky mosquitoes seem to always ruin your outdoor gatherings. If you are stick of getting buzzed, bitten, and bothered by an army of blood-sucking pests, then you will need to figure out how to repel them. However, sometimes you don’t want to expose your skin, yard, or family to potentially toxic mosquito repellents.

If you are dealing with that conundrum, then there are a few natural ways to repel mosquitoes without resorting to unnatural repellents. Plenty of plants, essential oils, and foods have a strong enough scent to keep the bugs away, and they are all-natural too – just perfect for residential mosquito treatment in Loveland.

One of the best ingredients that helps to get rid of mosquitoes naturally is lemon and eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus has been approved by the CDC to prevent mosquito attacks, and it’s pretty easy to make yourself. If you can get your hands on the oil that is.

Lavender plants and the essential oil that they create are enough to drive bugs away. You can crush the flowers yourself if you have a garden, or buy lavender essential oils to keep the bugs away. Rub the crushed flowers or oil against your skin, and watch the bugs stop bothering you.

If you don’t have access to eucalyptus oil or lavender plants, you should have access to cinnamon. Cinnamon oil can get rid of adult mosquitoes, and you can dilute the oil by mixing it with a large amount of water. Too much can irritate your skin, but just enough will keep the bugs away.

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There are lots of different oils out there that can naturally repel mosquitoes, and if you take the time to do a bit of work, you can use those oils to repel the mosquitoes. Then you can enjoy the outdoors in peace!